Third Party Extensions - Compatibility Styling Support

Compatibility styling constitutes basic CSS alterations to better integrate the extensions with the template, rather than full theme integration. Example extensions: K2, Tienda, NinjaBoard, Virtuemart and JomSocial.

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RocketTheme Extensions

image RokQuickCart A simple shopping cart extension.
image RokStories A versatile content rotator.
image RokAjaxSearch Ajax powered search module.
image RokTabs A mootools tabbed content module.


image RokNavMenu Advanced menu system extension.
image RokBox Popup window utility for images etc...
image RokCandy A macro syntax content extension.
image RokGZipper CSS/JS performance boosting plugin.


image RokPad An advanced code editor for Joomla.
image RokModule Utility addon for Ajax modules.
image RokFeatureTable Tabular data matrix module.

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